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Hamilton County Llama Trekkers


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Llama Trekkers Club, Noblesville, Indiana

     Located in central Indiana, the Hamilton Co. Llama Trekkers 4-H Club is in its 22d year in 2013 and now has over 95 members. Our club meets at Shagbark Ridge Llama Farm.  Although some members own their own  llamas, most lease a llama from the farm and work with train that llama for the 4-H season.  

     Our club's main focus is to realize responsibility, self confidence, presentation,
as well as communication and leadership skills while having fun working with others.
And all this comes about while learning about and caring for llamas!  We have a fantastic group of youth involved and our many projects and activities are always fun, exciting, and educational.

     To participate in the Llama Trekkers 4-H Club, youth must enroll in the llama project through the Hamilton Co. Extension Office by March 1st of the current year.
The llama project takes a little more time commitment than some other 4-H projects
since llama meetings are from once to twice a week.  Members are assigned a llama to train and work with for the 4-H season.  Members will then participate in the llama show at the 4-H Fair to complete the llama project.  Book work is also required to complete the project but most of this is done in the meetings.  The complete llama project requirements can be  found in the 4-H Handbook. (project guidelines in the Handbook can be found on the 4-H website.

     Good attendance is a very important requirement since members are learning about handling, communication skills, safety, and training while working with an animal that is assigned to them.  These skills can not be learned just after the spring sports season is over.  In addition, each member works within a Pasture Pal group that depends on them.  If time to attend meetings is a concern to you, perhaps the llama project isn't for you this year.

     Fees for all animal leasing members is $80.00.  This covers all the vet care, feed, halter, leadrope, brushes, and grooming supplies for your leased llama.  If a member owns their own llama, the fee is $10.00.  Fees may be paid at one of the first meetings of the year.  Make checks payable to Marilyn Nenni.

     Each member must have a three-ring binder to bring to meetings.  A pouch should be added to their binder with necessary pens and pencils.  Many members like the binders with the clear plastic front cover that allows a cover page to be inserted.  The club does have a llama binder decorating contest and this type of binder allows them to easily create their own decorations.

     All llama materials and workbooks will be handed out at the llama club meetings.  Llama club materials are not to be picked up at the Extension Office.  Only one Parent's Meeting will be scheduled and we strongly encourage attendance to completely understand the llama project.  All Llama Club communications are sent by email.  Please make sure we have your correct email address.


Llama             Message

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!"
                                                                  ~ George Bernard Shaw

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