We all love llamas!  We love their grace, their regal elegance, their intelligent natures, and their ability to work safely with our youth.  The Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. (HCL) provides llamas to youth for participation in our county 4-H project.  The youth involved learn about llama health care, train their llamas to show at the county fair, and oversee the care of their animals.    

     Located in central Indiana, the Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. has been formed for the sole purpose of making llamas available to the youth of Hamilton County to lease for, including but not limited to, participation in and completing a 4-H Llama Project.  Members of the Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. will share in the ownership, maintenance, and care for all the llamas under the responsibility of the HCL.  Membership is yearly from October 1st to Sept 30th.  There is a one time registration fee of $25.00 plus the annual membership fee.  All HCL members will have the task to help with llama chores once or twice a month during the membership year.

     When enrolled in the 4-H Llama Project, youth leasing a llama will learn about llama health care and attend workshops to train their llama to show at the annual Hamilton County Fair.  All members who lease a llama or attend workshops on the property where the llamas are housed must be a member of the Hamilton County Llamas, Inc..  Leasing fees will apply towards the location lease, insurance, feed, animal health care, and miscellaneous variable expenses as well as HCL workshop fees and special events.

     The Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. will be managed by an elected Board of Directors and operates under their own By-Laws.  All members will have one vote per family. Chairpersons and committees will work to help oversee the responsibilities of the herd management.

     The Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. also offers various options to board llamas for those youth who own their own llamas and are currently enrolled in the Hamilton County 4-H project or for those who have been previously connected with the Hamilton County 4-H project and are willing to share their animals with members of the HCL.  In addition the Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. offers options for those HCL members who own their own llamas and house them at their own location, are currently enrolled in the Hamilton County 4-H project, and wish to attend workshops and activities of the HCL.

How It Came About ...........
     Prior to 2015, the llamas in this herd were owned by Jim and Marilyn Nenni of Shagbark Ridge Llamas.  The Hamilton County 4-H llama project was started in 1991 at Shagbark Ridge by the Nenni's with Marilyn being the club leader and Jim being the project superintendent.  For 24 years the club met at their farm and youth worked with their llamas.  When the decision was made to sell their farm in 2014, in order to see the 4-H llama project continue, the Nenni's donated all the animals in the herd, along with all the equipment, to the group of families currently involved with the 4-H llama project.  Under the advisement of a Steering Committee consisting of some of the parents, the Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. was formed.  Llama youth joined the HCL with a one time membership fee and became share owners and caretakers of the llama herd.  A new 40 acre farm was located to house the animals and fencing and shelters were constructed. Annual fees and some fundraising projects will support the annual budget of maintaining the llama herd on the new farm and the 4-H llama project will continue on.

     The HCL is a great success averaging around 80 youth members annually.  In our organization we all work together and benefit from many life learning skills as well as animal management.  We are the only farm operating as a youth co-op in the country and also we are the largest 4-H Llama Project in the country!

     Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. is a non-profit group a 501 (c) (3).

    New members are always welcomed to join the HCL, lease a llama, and be a part of this unique opportunity for youth to be involved with a livestock herd.  Please contact us for more information.

     Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. is a non-profit organization.

     To join the Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. ........................

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   Contact 4-H Llama Project Leaders:  Marilyn Nenni  or  Lisa Sims

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"Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success!"
                                                       ~Author Unknown

     Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. is a non-profit organization - a 501c3 - for llamas and youth of all ages.  We support 4-H and agriculture as well as animal and medical related opportunities for our youth as we oversee a herd of approximately 50 animals.  If you would like to make a tax deductable donation to our group, you may do so here.  Thank you for your generosity - we appreciate your help!

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