Farm Happenings
at Shagbark Ridge

Tess' Cria
Saturday, March 5, Tess delivered an energetic baby girl.  She
was squirming around and trying to stand immediately after
birth.  It was long before she balanced on those wobbly legs and
took her first steps.  She followed her Mom and soon was nursing
and getting her colostrum.  Since it was cold, we put one of our
cria coats on her to keep her warm. 

Starting to stand.

"This coat is warm and cozy".

Wednesday, March 9

"I have a new playmate!"

"Is that a camera you're pointing at me?"

"Watch me!  I'll show you how to run!"

Rain Cloud's Cria
Wednesday, March 9, Rainey also delivered a female cria.  She's 
silver like her Mom and has four white legs.  It appears that she is
a suri like her Mom.  We dried her off with towels and the hair dryer
to keep her temperature up and soon she was standing and trying to 
nurse.  The sun was out that day so we moved her to the front yard of 
the barn and she enjoyed the warmth of the sun while her Mom enjoyed
some of the grass.  After a nap in the sun, she even felt playful and was 
trying to run and jump - just within a few hours after birth.

"This warm sun helps dry me off".

"Help, Mom. These long legs are a little wobbly."

"I think my legs are getting stronger."         

"Think I'll try to run!  Oooops, this isn't easy!"

"Yawn .... I've had a very tiring day!"



Hott &
Sassy's Arrival
A slide show of Hot 'N Sassy's birth.  It will take a few moments to load.  

Today's  Message

Some people dream of success ....                                       
                           while others wake up and work hard at it!"

~Author Unknown

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