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Our Club Projects

Pop Tops - Ronald McDonald's "Collect-A-Million"

Llama Trekkers have been collecting the pull-tabs from the tops of pop cans. These pull-tabs are being donated to the Ronald McDonald House with a goal that our Llama Trekkers can become part of their "Collect-A-Million" Club.  The Ronald McDonald's House serves the Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.  Collected pop tabs are recycled; generating much-needed funds to support the House and the nearly 1,500 families they serve each year. If you'd like to save your pop-tops for us too, just contact us or give them to any of our club members.  Bringing in Pop Tops counts as a Service Project for our club members.
Number of Pop Tops collected so far ........... Over 30, 876


Please return to see more details about this "growing" project.

Indy Open Llama Show
     The Indy Open Llama Show is held at the Hamilton Co. Fairgrounds the 3rd weekend in May. Sponsored by our Llama Trekkers Club, this ALSA sanctioned show draws exhibitors from around the midwest area. It is a double judged show -- The Indy 400 and The Indy 500. The llama club does all the set up, clean up, and supplies the ribbons, premium monies, and the concession stand. Parents of the club are a great support and help out with this large project. Any proceeds recognized from this show go into a special growing Llama Barn Fund and our Llama Trekker Youth Scholarships Fund.

      In 2010, the first Llama Trekker annual Youth Scholarships were awarded to members of our club.  The details and forms can be found here.  
     In 2006, after 10 years of working on our huge goal, our collective fund of earned monies totaled $57,000, we applied for a county grant which was successful, and our ten year long vision became a reality.  
     In April of 2007, we began construction of a 10,000 sq. foot llama barn on our county fairgrounds.  It was completed in time for use at our county fair in July and we really enjoyed our new llama facility.
  A dedication ceremony was held for our gorgeous barn complete with 3 cupolas and a llama weathervane!  A big improvement over being housed in tents for 15 years and having a show ring out in the hot July sun!
     Phaze 2 of the project continued in 2008.  We received another county grant and proceeded to install insulation, heat, and air conditioning.
     In 2009 the lower part of the interior walls were finished off to cover the insulation.  Drainage and final landscaping were also completed around the outside of the building.  
     Not only does the llama club enjoy the completed building during the 4-H Fair, but the building is being rented out for a wide variety of different events the entire year which brings income to the county.


Community Public Relations

  Llamas are so versatile and gentle, that they are able to go out in the community for a variety of events and presentations.

Katie & Erin Vollmer make a presentation to a 4th grade Spanish
with DJ & Abstract.

Holly's School Presentation, 2003
"Do Genetics Affect A Llama's Personality?"

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