Easy To Use


Safe For You

Safe For Your Llama

Non-Slip Flooring


Space Saving

Easy Access

Specifically for Llama & Alpaca Enthusiasts !

Sorry, the EZ-Safe Chutes are not available at this time.
We have been unable to locate a manufacturer that can produce these chutes and ship.  This is absolutely the best designed chute for durability, safety, and ease of use.  We personally have used this item satisfactorily for twenty years.  It has never even had the slightest suggestion of tipping over.  We would still like to continue to offer this item to llama and alpaca owners.  Please contact us if you can help with an interested manufacturer. 

Working Chute Portable Show Chute

"The Name Says It All"

Shown with Sides Closed

EZ-Safe Working Chute


Easy To Use

Safety For You !

Safety For Your Animal !

Convenient Access
From All Sides

Space Saving Design

Side Opens Completely

Sides Completely
Open or Close
In Half The Space
As Other Chutes

Comfortable Adjustable
Neck Brace

Non-Slip Rubber Flooring

Sturdy Steel Construction

1/2" Finished Wood Inserts

Rust Resistant Finish

Rear Only Opens

Back Area Opens
Separately To Easily
Work on Rear Leg Area

Animal Cannot
Swing Sidesways

Safety For You

Minimum Space Required
To Open Doors

Both Sides Have
Double Doors

Front Only Opens

Front Area Opens
For Front Leg Access

Prevents Animals
From Swinging

Requires Little Space
To Open Side Doors
For Generous
Access To Animals

Calm *** Comfortable ***Safe

Your Vet Will Love You !

Only $1050.00
Shipping arrangements can easily be made.
Just send us your city and zip for a shipping price quote.

"I absolutely love mine!"
"Wouldn't be without it!"
"My favorite piece of equipment!"

Convenient, Space Saving Design !!

Our unique space saving working chute features both side panels opening in two sections thus requiring half the space needed to fully open
the sides - a great space saver in your barn! The sides are also
made a few inches higher than other chutes so animals cannot step
over sideways. It is still convenient to work with the doors
closed, and now an option to work with just the front half open or just
the rear half open. Animals will not step over the sides when in the
chute properly. Extra sturdy construction, high quality, and
reasonable price offering comfort and safety for you and your animals.

The EZ-Safe LLAMA Chute is 8' in length, 32" wide, and 7' tall.
The length from the back of the chute to the neck braces is
60". It measures only 89 1/2" wide with both side doors open!

The E-Z Safe ALPACA Chute is 76" in length, 32" wide, and 84"
to the top of the neck braces. The length from the back of the
chute to the neck braces is 48". Slightly smaller but with
the same outstanding safety features and design.

Check out our
EZ-Safe Portable Show Chute
Super light and EZ !!


the EZ-Safe Hay Holder for use with the chute.

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