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Children's Books


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 Elegant Beaded Halters for Llamas & Alpacas.  Make your statement in the show ring!  Also beaded dog collars.

Take a look! 
Sorry, we are all SOLD OUT of 
ornaments, jewelry and the "I Love Llamas" Bracelets.  We will not have any of these items for 2008.

Santa's Snow Village including a Llama Barn at the North Pole. 

We do have a few Llama Barns, and shirts or llama transfers to make your own llama shirts, nightshirts, or tote bags.
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Throughout our website, you may notice the word "llama" also spelled
with only one "l", eg. "lama". Not an error in spelling, the "one l" lama
refers to all members of the camelid family such as llamas, alpacas,
camels, guanacos, and vicunas.

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