Llama Artwork

Andean Legacy

Open Edition Poster

"I created this art portraying a classic ccara
llama to honor the legacy of these willing animals
and their contribution to cultures past and present."
--Araneen Witmer

Total Size 16" x 20"

Printed On Heavy Stock Paper

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The artwork of Araneen Witmer represents many
years of art education combined with a life long
passion for drawing and painting animals.

After making an indepth study of the natural habitats and
behaviors of llamas and other New World camels, it is the
artist's desire that you will feel what has inspired her to
live with and paint these peaceful and sensitive creatures.

California artist, Araneen Witmer resides in San Diego.
While studying art and design at San Diego State University,
she fell in love with llamas and for the last eight years has
managed the Dandillamas Ranch.

The original painting of Andean Legacy is 18" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas, and is available framed.

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