Photos    July, 2004

DOB  6-24-02
Sire - Besakih   ~   Dam - Notesme
Dam To: SHAG Shoshone, SHAG Power Locks 

Notesmetoo??  How could anyone overlook this silver beauty in the pasture?

She's an awesome color, tall with stretch, long ears, and a 21 micron fiber.  Bred and born at Hinterland, her maternal Grandsire is Whist, Great Grandsire is El Fuerte.  On the paternal side, her Grandsire is Peruvian Patron.  

Her offspring have included a super silky male, and a gorgeous lustrous suri female.  She's producing wonderful fiber, show quality conformation, and size.  We love her!  

She's placed very well at the few shows she's participated  in and has earned her ALSA ROM.

Photo 8-18-02

RECOGNITIONS:   ALSA Recognition Of Merit
3rd Place MW Yearling

4th Place HW Juvenile (23 in class)
1st Place HW Juvenile (20 in class)
5th Place HW Juvenile (20 in class)   
Great Lakes Regional 2003

Hobo Classic 2003, OR

Ag Fest 2003, Salem, OR
Ag Fest 2003

Sire  -  Besakih
Peruvian Patron x Beata

Dam  -  Notesme
Whist x Notes

Photo August 2002

Photo January 2003

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