SHAG Power Locks
Star Power Seeker  x  Notesmetoo
Suri Female * DOB September 23, 2006

Photos October 17, 2006

Power Locks is an absolutely stunning
 young suri female.  Even at this young age, she exhibits excellent conformation, good movement, a strong straight topline, nice hooked ears, and a high tailset.  Her fiber, a silvery tan color, hangs in twisted locks and  just glistens in the daylight.  If you like suris at all, take a 2nd look at this one.  She's an awesome show quality suri female!  

Leading The Group At Play

Sire & Dam

Star Power Seeker


          Kantu P5  (Peru)
    Star Power Seeker
                       RAR Richochet
          MGF Plaza Suite
SHAG Power Locks
                      Peruvian Patron B1078  (Peru)
                      Beata (Peru)

Power Locks

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