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May 18 & 19, 2013
Hamilton Co. Fairgrounds
2003 Pleasant St.
Noblesville, IN 46060

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**  New Single Show  **
Lower show fees - all classes included.


Free 4-H Alumni Showmanship Class
Bred & Owned Class
A Champion Showmanship class will be run with the 1st place winners from Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Showmanship classes.
Class List          Entry Form

**  Open 4-H Show  **
$20.00 Entry Fee
Open to all 4-H'ers - Showmanship & all 3 Performance Classes

Class List           Entry Form

  • Health Requirements - All animals from within Indiana do not need to have a 
    health certificate.  Animals coming from out of state must have a completed
    official health certificate within 30 days of exhibition.

    Eligibility - All llamas MUST have ILR certificates with the exception of animals for
     youth or non-breeder classes.  ALSA will not accept pending registrations.
      Registration papers must accompany entry form.

    All exhibitors must be a member of ALSA or pay an Adult Non-Member fee of $30.00 
    The Youth Non-Member fee is $15.00.
      Read about an ALSA membership here.

    Arrival - Arrival time for all exhibitors starts at 12:00 p.m. on Friday.
    Stalls will be pre-assigned.

    Stalling - Stalls will be pre-assigned. Exhibitors will provide their own bedding. 
    No paper products are permitted to be used for bedding.

    Departure - Please clean stalls upon departure at the end of the show.
      A $10.00 fee will be charged for each stall left un-cleaned. 
      You may have the 4-H Club clean your stalls for $10.00 each.

    Manure - Please deposit all straw, hay, and manure in the appropriate area. 
     DO NOT deposit manure in trash cans! 

    ALSA Wool Divisions - 
    Each animal must be entered in its appropriate age and wool division.
    Suri - Suri body style and suri wool as described in the handbook. 
    Light - Minimal body wool, short neck wool with smooth legs.
    Medium- Moderate to long body wool, minimal to moderate neck wool, 
    smooth to moderate leg wool.
    Heavy - Abundant body and neck wool with minimal to abundant leg wool. 

    ALSA Llama Age Divisions -
    Juvenile: 5 to 12 months of age
    Yearling: 12 to 24 months of age
    Two Year Old: 24 to 36 months of age
    Adult: 36 months of age and over 

    Notes About Classes -
    Novice, Advanced, & Master classes offered!

  •  Animals may only show in ONE Performance Division (animals showing in the Youth Division may NOT show in Advanced, Novice, or Masters Divisions)

  • Novice Class - Open to all entries who have not qualified for the Advanced Performance Division.

  • Advanced Class - Open to all entries who have earned the title of Novice Performance Champion

  • Masters Class - Open to all entries who have earned the title of Advanced Performance Champion.  Animals who have earned 4 to 6 placings of Advanced Performance Champion at a show or have earned 3 Grand Advanced Performance Champions and 2 Reserve Grand Advanced Performance Champions must show in the Masters Performance classes.  Points will be awarded for Master classes and Masters Performance Champion Award will be given.

  • Pack - All llamas must be 5 mo. old or older.  Llamas 5 to 36 months old must carry packs filled out with lightweight material.  Llamas 36 months or older must carry at least 20 total pounds.  Youth Pack (Jr. & Intermediate) - Llama must be 5 months or older - carrying pack filled out with lightweight material.

  • Bred & Owned Class - The owner must enter and show an animal that was the result of his selection of a breeding, was born on the owner's farm, and is still owned by him/her.  In other words, the animal must have been consecutively owned by the same person from birth until showing.

  • 4-H Alumnae Class - For all those who have previously been involved in 4-H but are now in the adult age group.

  • HLAA Members Mystery Fun Class - Adult Class & Youth Class - A fun class for HLAA members only.  There will be an HLAA Members Mystery Fun Class at every Indiana Show.  Select your animal and come to the ring for a good time and the opportunity to win $50.00.  At each show there will be a $50 and $25 premium given to the winner of the adult and youth Mystery Classes.

    ALSA Youth Ages:

  • Youth Juniors - Handler age 8 through 11 (age as of January 1st of this year).

  • Youth Intermediates - Handler age 12 through 14 (age as of January 1st of this year).

  • Youth Seniors - Handler age 15 through 18 (age as of January 1st of this year).

    Youth Classes - A youth may show starting on the date of their 8th birthday.

    4-H Youth Ages:

  • Beginners - Grades 3 through 5

  • Intermediates - Grades 6 through 8

  • Seniors - Grandes 9 through 12

           Youth Exhibitors - Under 13 years of age may not show intact males over 24 mo.
            (This is an ALSA Recommendation)

           Dress - Neat, appropriate attire is required. Open toed shoes, sandals, and 
           bare feet will disqualify the exhibitor.   No shorts, bare midriffs, or tennis
           shoes for Showmanship classes.

Youth Judging Class - 6:30 p.m. Friday evening
Exhibitorís Meeting
- 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

 Show will start promptly at 8:00 a.m. both days.

Awards - Ribbons and cash premiums will be awarded to winners.
Novice, Advanced, & Masters Performance Champions and Youth Performance Champions awarded.
Versatility Champion awarded - Top Scoring Animal
Best Of Show Awarded - All 9 Grand Champions Compete

Judges:  Rick Neal

Entry Deadline - May 10.   

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For More Information:

Jim Nenni - Show Superintendent

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