Constipation In Llamas & Alpacas

Constipation in llamas or alpacas may be suspected if you notice your animal spending an abnormal length of time at the "poop pile" without any, or little, results.  They may repeatedly return to the "poop pile" and spend quite a bit of time in the position and possibly straining, but not very much comes out.

You also may observe other signs of discomfort such as rolling, acting lethargic, or a change in eating habits.

Two hints from llama breeders:

1.  "If you think he may be constipated or uncomfortable, give him a couple of turkey basters
full  of Mineral Oil by mouth.  Follow this by offering them a pan of tepid water."


2.  "You might try some probiotics and give him a 'Fleet' Enema. That should give some relief. 

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