Hamilton County Llama Trekkers

Fun Club Photos

                End Of Year Pool Party at Noelle's
July 2004









Katie desensitizes Encore while Izzie
watches intently.

Fun in a pile of leaves.  Jack too.



             Christmas Party 2004                      






2004 Great Lakes Regional Championship Show

October, 2004     Jefferson, Wisconsin


Our Llama Trekker Group
Katie Vollmer, Jana Watson, Emaly Leak, 
Erin Vollmer, Shelby Swain, Haley Widmeyer,
 Meagan Cyrus

Janna Watson & Lexus
Reserve Performance Champion, 4th Place Showmanship,
3rd Place Youth Judging

Haley Widmeyer & Tiffany
1st Place Showmanship

Erin Vollmer & Abstract
2nd Place Youth Judging

Meagan Cyrus & Zydeco
Reserve Performance Champion, 4th Place Showmanship, 3rd Place Halter

Shelby Swain & Joker
3rd Place Youth Judging

Emily Leak & Charity

Katie Vollmer & Double Jeopardy


To Our Club Members Who Were In The Top 
Ten Of Youth Annual Points In The Country For 2004

Haley Widmeyer 1st     Jr. Youth Judging
2nd    Jr. Showmanship
8th     Jr. Pack
Erin Vollmer 4th     Int. Youth Judging
10th   Int. Pack
Meagan Cyrus 4th     Int. Showmanship
1st     Int. Obstacle
7th     Int. PR
Jennifer Franks 6th     Int. Showmanship
3rd    Int. Obstacle
2nd    Int. PR
Casey McGuire 8th     Sr. Obstacle
6th     Sr. Pack
6th     Sr. Showmanship
Katie Vollmer 4th     Sr. Obstacle
9th     Sr. Pack
Janna Watson 1st     Sr. Obstacle
2nd    Sr. PR


More Club Photos
Over The Years
2003, 2004, 2007, 2008 Co. Fair, 2009,  Wool Projects

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