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Letters from Cappy's Friends on the Net

Here's some of the letters that I've received from the internet. I really have met some great new friends and I look forward to adding to this list!

Want to be Web Pals? Just send me your picture along with your name and a little something about yourself and I'll post it right here on this page so we can all get acquainted. And if you're having a problem training your owners or with one of your pasture mates, visit Cappy's Corner for help.

Hi Cheezi!

Hello Cappy,

Although this isn't how I'd normally great someone important, I see I'm not the only one with an interesting name. Atleast yours matches your registered name. Mine doesn't. Sea Glass. Isn't that such an elegant name? But from the start I've been called Cheezi. Some might even call me Cheeto or Cheez-whiz. Guess it sorta matches though; I'm a orange color mostly with white, technically called a pure for sable Shetland Sheepdog. when I use to go to the shows people would ask, "Why Cheezi?" They receive funny excuses like, "she like Pizza." Oh well, that's my name and after all these years guess I'd better stick to it. Had babies once, seven of them; I want more babies--I LOVE BABIES! Any variety will do really I love them and kiss them all. One of my favorite jobs has been working, or rather playing, as a therapy dog. And of course going into schools visiting and talking with the children. . .they can listen so much better than adults. Teaching them is the first step really. This pix I hope you can see OK. Me showing part of my glory celebrating my 10 year birthday in great grandma's back yard in Hagerstown, MD. (It is really my "pet's" grandmother, but they call me the granchild.) I'll try to send another one too. I'm doing excellent! ! ! Although no one would know my owners have saved my life on more than one occasion but I love life, and BABIES, and hike with my "pet" JODI, and the other dog who stays here that doesn't have great manners. . .doesn't really respect her elders if you know what I mean! But anyway I'm just over 10 1/2 yrs young now, a vegetarian, and can hike 2 miles a day and still run and play in the snow. (Most people call me a pup; hey, "how old is your puppy?" So nice of them.) That is when it actually snows up here in TN; we really need to move these people up north! Well, tootles for now. See yah, CHEEZI

Hi Cheezi,

You certainly do have an elegant name, but I do like your nickname! We seem to have alot in common - I've visited alot of schools and nursing homes and I'm also about 10 years old. And your picture is doing one of my favorite things too - standing in the breeze!! Thanks for writing to me.


From New Zealand, meet Gracie!

Dear Cappy,

My name is Gracie and I am an alpaca. I live in New Zealand at an alpaca farm in West Melton. My friend Lisa (aged 12) and her parents own me. My owners have 5 alpacas but I live with lots more because my owners keep me on a farm with other people looking after me. My owners often come to see me. A few months ago they tried to halter train me. It was terrible! I showed them though. I rolled over and reared up. I think I taught them a lesson! They have given up now because I am pregnant. My cria is due in October but my owners worry that I am far too fat. They read somewhere that it isn't good for us to be over fed in the first few trimesters. It would be almost impossible to stop me eating too much though! I will send you a picture of my cria when it is born if you like. I have never seen a llama before (my owners really like them though), so it has been great talking to you.

From your pal,

Dear Gracie,

How fun to hear from you all the way from New Zealand! I have some alpaca friends - both Hucayas and Suris. I see them at alot of shows I go to. You're right !! Halter training is definitely very scary at first. And you probably gave your owners a good scare too by rearing up and rolling over! Those kind of actions are usually successful in putting an end to something we don't like. However, you might reconsider about the halter training though. When you get good on the halter, you get to go outside your pastures alot more on walks or to shows and that's pretty fun. So, I would recommend that you give it a second chance. Your due date is not very far away now - hope you're taking it kinda easy. I'd love to see a picture of your cria when it arrives - and I'd like to have a picture of you to post here too. Keep in touch.

Happy Huuummmmms,

This is Jedda, my web pal all the way from Australia!

Hi Cappy,

My name's Jedda, I'm 11 years old and am Kelpie, Labrodor, and mainly Bordor Collie. I live with my Mistress in N.S.W, Australia, which is very far away from you. My mistress looks after me very well and her name is Sarah - she is about 13. My family is very nice to me and I have a good time laying in the sun most of the day. I love my walkies and get very excited when "mama" takes me out. I love little kids as long as they don't be mean to me. I'm not much of a guard dog when people come over the fence, but I have a fierce growl and it keeps most people away. I'm very friendly and love to go to places and sniff them out, and like going for walks with my mistress, but I think taking myself for a walk is more amusing then being taken for one. But I enjoy both. I also love my picture to be taken, as you can see. It's me dressing up for a party, in my clown suit especially made for me. My favourite place to lay is where my Family watches movies, called the threatre. I especially like to watch movies (that's what they call them), with dogs in it. One day I wish to be on one of those movies and be known as Princess Jedda!!! Thank you for this page Cappy!! I enjoy listening to other animals and would love to visit a Llama one day.

Many happy woofs,

Hi There, Jedda,

Wow! This is exciting! You really are far away from here! But it's really surprising how we like the same things. I love laying in the sun too, except when it is really hot. And I agree - walks are alot more fun when you get out and go by yourself, but I enjoy the family coming along too. Sometimes they hitch me to a cart and drive me - I walk and they ride - but that's fun too because I get to be way out in front. I've never watched a movie before and I'm not sure I know what that is. I've been in the house before, but I don't know about a theatre. I have been on television and I once made a commercial about coffee on a film. If I ever do get to see a move, I'll be sure to look for Princess Jedda!

Happy Huuummmmms,

Meet my web pal, R.T. Buttons.
He's from Ohio - not too far away!

Hi Cappy,

My name is R.T. Buttons and I live in St. Paris, Ohio, at Luron Farms, pretty close to you, hmmmm? I am 7 months old and just came to live here with my new family. They say I'm cute as a button! I think the R.T. is something they do on the side, I heard it stands for Right Track Corporation. I just found out my daddy placed third in his category at the Nationals - HMMMMMMM!!! Hope I can fill his toe prints. My people here are getting a llama cart and are going to teach the 'old guys' (2 yr. olds) how to pull it... I just hope they can teach my people how to drive it - hmmmm!!!!! Guess they will try to hook me up some day too. There are four of us that live here and five others that are in foster care. Guess you could call my lady people a 'foster llama mama'. All of us want to have our own people, so Jared, the 7 year old person, wants to go to my old home in Xenia where one of my old playmates will pick him out. Then in Feb. a weanling will come that picked another boy person here. I am very friendly and let my people touch me all over... to make them happy : ) .. hmmm... do you think I will make a good PR llama? Boy, do we have these people trained well.... we love to act like we don't see them coming out to the barn with the carrot slices in a baggy... but then it just gets to be too much for us to hold ourselves back and we make pigs of ourselves HMMMOINKMMMMM!!!

Many happy hummmmmmms,
R.T. Buttons

Hi Buttons,

Thanks for the letter. I always enjoy hearing from other llamas! I was at the National Show and I probably saw your Dad. I don't exactly remember everyone there, though, since there were nearly 500 entries. It was a wonderful, exciting event! You should definitely try to attend next year. That cart thing is pretty exciting too (although it was kinda hard to convince me to try it at first). I have been pulling a cart just three months now and my family is just learning to drive. It's really fun - I've been in cart classes at three shows. The Cart Obstacle is the most fun. So far I'm the only one on our farm that carts. I guess I'm just special (and I kinda like it that way). Maybe you know Cuervo Gold? He used to live here but moved to Millersburg, Ohio. He goes to alot of shows - you might meet him. Take care over there.


Meet my web pal, Warrior. He's from
Burns, Oregon, the same state I came from!!

Dear Cappy,

Hi, how is it going? My name is Warrior and I am two years old. My family thinks I am pretty special and I have done REALLY well in the shows that I have been in in Oregon, Idaho and Nevada. I see that you are from the same town as I. I originally came from Bend, OR also (but a different farm) and now live in Burns, OR, which is in the eastern part of the state.

I live with 16 other llamas here in Burns, and even got my first girlfriend last fall. They say that I am not their main man, but heck I am just a kid, wait till they see what I can do!! My mom is 18 and is in college at Oregon State University, to learn about llama genetics (she hopes) and behaviorism. She has shown me since I was seven months old and I have never gone to a show where I didn't get at least one blue! She also boasts because she is one of the top youth in the country for ALSA youth points, but heck she couldn't do ANYTHING without us llamas. Silly people, trying to take all of the credit!!

My favorite events are advanced obstacles, advanced PR and young Pack, but I also do great in showmanship and halter. I guess I am a pretty classy guy! I love showing off and kissing every judge I meet!! Do you kiss the judges? I also like little kids. I can't wait for my first show of next year!! It is coming up in May. Do you like shows? We seem to have a lot in common Cappy, so I hope that we can stay in touch. If you have any training problems that you can't solve, I have quite a bit of experience also, along with some of the other guys on my farm. If you want to learn more about me and my friends, check us out at Burns Llama Trailblazers

Well I hope to hear from you soon...


Hi Warrior,

Thanks for writing me .... I really enjoyed hearing from you. We really do have alot in common. I enjoy going to shows too - especially doing the Obstacle courses. I do well in Showmanship too, but sometimes I think the judge makes us stand still too long! You must be pretty proud of your handler since she has all those ALSA points. I have a youth handler sometimes too. Her name is Leslie and she was also listed in all the top youth lists for ALSA last year. We have alot of fun together. Do you think you'll be going to the first National Show this year? It sounds like an exciting event. Maybe we'll be able to meet sometime.


Welcome this handsome guy!
And he's got something most of us don't have. Meet Macado.

Dear Cappy,

Hi .... my name is Macado and I am a miniature horse. I am a very special horse since I'm not only a mini, but I am a framed overo mini!!! That makes me pretty special to my owner Mom. She gives me lots of girlfriends for this reason.

I live on a farm in western Pennsylvania, about 30 miles north of the big city of Pittsburgh. I live here with my family which includes the other 81 horses (of all assorted sizes and colors) and my people family .... Kathy and Dan Sullivan and their six children. Get it? That's the reason for the farm name, Six Gems Farm. Pretty creative of my mom ... huh??

I'm so proud of you, Cappy, for starting this page. It give us animals a voice on the net. which we know is long overdue!! Keep up the good work. And please, if you are ever in western Pennsylvania, come and see us. Mom would love to have you visit. And take a look at our farm and my friends here ...Six Gems Farm. Mom loves llamas too. There are two that live here which do a great job of keeping all the other animals ... dogs included ... out of our pasture!!! That is always good news!!

Well, I have to run. Don't want my hay to get wet with all the rain we've been having lately. Take care .... and thanks again.

Your Mini Friend

Hi Macado,

I really enjoyed your letter. Thanks for wanting to be my web pal. You're the first mini horse I have ever known.

Now Macado, I looked at your great web page, and I admit you're a pretty handsome dude. And I can see that you'd be pretty special to your owner Mom. Especially with all that color! Now, I've got alot of color, I'm pretty handsome too, and I'm really very special to my owner Mom. But what's this bit about a framed overo mini that gets you lots of girlfriends? I don't think I know about that .... however, I'm very interested! Especially in the part about the girlfriends! So, now that we're web pals, how about filling me in on the details. I think I might be missing something pretty important! I don't think that was covered in my Family Pasture Living class.

That's great that you've got llamas on your farm too. And that they are contributing their talents to your family. Many llamas are excellent guard animals and take their job of keeping predators away very seriously. You know, it takes quite a bit of practice to get really good and precise at stomping with your feet, spitting fluently, butting with your neck and chest, and screaming loudly. But, if you've got the knack, it's really effective at chasing critters out of the pastures. Sounds like you've got some pretty talented llamas watching over you. Just one of the many talents that llamas have to offer!

If I ever get to Pennsylvania, I'll be sure to stop in and meet all of you. And if you're ever traveling this way, be sure to stop by for some Hoosier hospitality - the hay is always ready, fresh, and green for visitors.


And here's a special Web Pal .....Tango

Dear Cappy,

My name is Tango. I'm 3 years old and a true farm cat. My original name was half-head given to me by my girl human caretaker but they were nice enought to change it to Tango. Most people who come to my farm can't believe I'm a farm cat. They say I'm too beautiful for that. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the outdoors.... hunting, fishing, and camping out under the stars.

My sister went to the city to live when we were kittens. She is now a house cat and told me it's not all it's cracked up to be. I wish she could come and live here on the farm again....we all miss her. Some of my pals on the farm are my two remaining children, Smoky and Bandit, chickens, a dog named Sparky, and llamas like you! The goats and sheep moved next door because they were escape artists and kept getting out of their field and eating the human's herb plans. I guess that's a no-no. I'm a meat eater, so I wouldn't know much about eating herbs. Do you know much about herbs? My family knows alot about herbs. You can find out about them at Wind Dancer Llama & Herb Farm. Hope to hear from you.

Cat Cuddles,

Hi Tango,

Gee, thanks for writing. I can see that you really are a pretty cat, but being pretty shouldn't keep anyone from the type of life that they enjoy. I love being outdoors also .... especially sleeping out under the stars. I'm not much for hunting and fishing though. I enjoy hiking in the woods and wading in the creek. I'm a nature lover myself ..... especially the kind of nature I can taste! - hee hee.

I don't know too much about herbs either, but your gardens do look pretty good. Good enough to eat, actually! Maybe you should try some of them, (on the sly of course), and let me know how they taste. Maybe I could convince my owner to plant a few of them too. We have a cat named Smoky here at our farm also. And a calico kitten named Figaro. My herd has fun chasing them out of the pasture sometimes. We wouldn't actually hurt them, but they run fast and crawl through the fence quickly.

Thanks for writing and being my web pal.


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