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All Owners Visiting This Page Must Be
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Cappy welcomes web pals from all different pets and offers helps and a well needed sounding board for all animals - especially on training their human owners. Also tips on getting along in the pasture and performing in the show ring.

Now retired from the showing, Cappy is occasionally a guest columnist for the national ALSA publication, Showring. You can read some of Cappy's Articles right here.

If you'd like to be Web Pals with Cappy or contact Cappy's Corner with a personal problem or question, just send your email and pictures to Cappy right here:

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(Excuse the condition of the guestbook. It's been
kinda damp in the pasture lately.)

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Hi there!

My name is Cappy, short for Chilean Cappucino. I live at Shagbark Ridge Llama farm in Indiana. Welcome to MY page! Isn't that cool!!! A special website just for llamas, pets, and all animals to chat! Let me take just a moment to tell you something about myself.

I originally came to Shagbark Ridge Llamas from Bend, Oregon. It was a looong trip and it's really alot different here in Indiana. I've been here quite awhile now and I really like it ..... good food, lots of tall trees and shade, green pastures, and lots of nice llama friends.

Participating in llama shows over the years has been very educational and exciting for me! It's been great fun traveling to the many different shows and meeting many llama friends.

In March of 2000 I achieved the highest title that the ALSA Show Association offers -
Elite Grand Champion !
I was only the third llama in the entire country to earn this high award. Needless to say, I am very proud - it is a very hard award to win!! I also am an ALSA Performance Grand Champion as well as a Halter Grand Champion. I have held the title of Regional Grand Champion three times and have been in the top ten at the Grand National Show twice. One of my most memorable times was winning Grand Champion at the Celebrity World Championship Show in Oklahoma City in 1997.

Now that I've obtained my ultimate goal, I have retired from showing. But I'll never forget all the fun experiences I've had traveling to the many different shows and all the wonderful friends I've made.

I still keep very busy around here .... going on walks in the woods, watching over the new crias in the pasture, wading in the creek, working out on the Obstacle Course, and even Cart Driving! It's fun to get out of the pasture occasionally!

This is Jack - the Jack Russell Terrier on our farm. He keep all of us on our toes with his unlimited energy and comical antics. He loves to go on walks in the woods with us and really enjoys being involved with the llama 4-H club. Here's a picture of Jack taking my friend Mucho for a walk.

Hope you enjoy my site as you browse around. You'll learn quite alot about llamas from all my games and puzzles. And take time to meet my web pals too.

Would you like to become web pals? Just send me an email and tell me something about yourself. And send a photo along too. I'd like to meet you.

Did you remember to sign my guestbook?

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